About SWYM

This is a corner dedicated to young* victims of depression who may often feel lonely, misunderstood and with no one to share their depression hardships with. Yara Mel created this website and its short articles to provide relatable content and create a community of support for people who find themselves in the company of this condition.


” After combining the initials of Share With Yara Mel and arriving to the word SWYM, I gave it a thought and I was excited to realize the name of this blog can actually carry a deeper meaning – swim. As victims of depression we find our selves as if constantly swimming against the current. Swimming towards normality, motivation, happiness against a strong current of bursts of sadness (usually caused by a serotonin deficit) that often results in confusion,tears, unhappiness, zero motivation. At the end, we are all swimmers caught in the middle of a high tide sea, eager to reach land.” – Yara Mel



Hello there and welcome to SWYM. I hope this page gives you some sort of comfort….so much so that you become a swymmer.

I decided to create this website after a recent depressing night. I realized that at that moment,  just as I desperately needed to talk to someone that understood me, someone else in the world was probably feeling the same way. I then felt a burning need and desire to help depressed people by giving not only a space to openly discuss the agony and hardships but also my time and my experience-based advice.

Around August 2014, while in University abroad, I started feeling a concurrent sadness. I didn’t know what that feeling was but all I knew is that it would keep me in bed for longer hours and gradually decrease my appreciation towards everyone and everything around me.

It’s hard for me to type my story at this moment without tears coming to my eyes because my depression days were the worst days of my life so far and it brings me sadness to remember what I went through and how much I was innocent and didn’t know what was going on. It brings me sadness to remember how much I would hate the sunlight, sleep and only wake up to eat when the night came. It brings me sadness to remember sounding ‘crazy’, ‘weak’,  ‘lazy’ to everyone I knew. It brings me sadness to remember how much I didn’t want to live and how much I wanted to commit suicide. It brings me sadness to remember how much my agony would get downplayed whenever I shared it with people that supposedly ‘cared about me’ simply because they couldn’t see my mental state.

Mental health isn’t taken as serious as physical health. Some people don’t even believe it exists and this is a societal dysfunction that hopefully will come to an end in the modern generations to come.

Anyways, back to my story. A lot happened until December 2014 (hopefully one day I will make a very emotional video about it), I had to leave university because I couldn’t even eat let alone attend classes and complete assignments? Trust me I tried, I pushed but I knew I couldn’t reach my limit or the consequences would be worst. I went back home to Mozambique and I was clinically diagnosed with severe depression. I started therapy and my life improved. Later in January I went back to University and even though I was medicated, I still couldn’t do it. The environment I was in definitely played a big role on my unhappiness and I decided that didn’t want to be there anymore. If I continued there I was literally going to kill myself sooner or later. I dropped out of that university and it was the best decision of my life. I went home again and simply rehabilitated myself. Did only the things I wanted to do and most importantly, I rested a lot.

Applied for a new University later in 2015 and on my first exam season I got depressed again. That’s when I realized depression was still with me, it just wasn’t triggered until a stressful situation. Some say depression is chronic and I believed that too because it had followed me to my new University which I thought was the perfect place to be. If it is chronic, I can proudly say that I sort of learned how to live with it now. I know myself and I know what ‘triggers’ my depression so I try at any cost to avoid such conditions. I feel like I am doing a pretty good job at living without bursts of sadness. I love my life right now, I’m always genuinely smiling. I have developed habits that put my depression to deep sleep (like a proper coma lol) and I’ve been consuming information that makes me an ever more motivated individual. I motivate myself daily to

  1. Get out of bed
  2. Eat properly and
  3. Do what I got to do to achieve my goals

Mastering these three aspects of my life is what gave me the confidence to start this blog/service and provide experience-based advice for some of you.

I’m here to help, whenever I can.

Book a session with me or write me a ‘Letter’.




*This platform is dedicated to young victims that usually deal with depression by themselves, without the knowledge or understanding of their peers and without the access to professional help.