suicide thoughts


3 things to tell yourself if you’re feeling suicidal:

1.Your current life situation is reversible. Suicide? Not really, I’m afraid.


2.  The world needs you. The world can’t afford to loose you.

You are beautiful. You are perfect. You are powerful. 

You may not feel as appreciated right now, but you are. You are needed. The world needs you. Other depressed people need you. They need to hear the success story about how you came back into your feet. And trust me, you will have a success story to tell, but guess what?

You need to be alive to tell your story.

Had I given in to suicide on my depressed days, you wouldn’t be reading this article simply because SWYM wouldn’t exist. 


3. You have loved life before. You can love it again.

Think about the simplest moments that make you happy. 

When you have your favorite food? When you make someone you love laugh or vice-versa? The first sip of a hot drink on a cold day? The last time you were at the beach looking at its horizon, feeling the breeze and listening to the calming sound of the waves?

Whatever it is, these moments are ready to happen again. It’s all up to you. Please, Stay Alive.


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Stay strong. It’s going to be okay!

Keep swymming. Speak soon,

Yara Mel