Have you found yourself trying to explain your condition to anyone and everyone? That was basically me when I was depressed. I would rant my feelings to anyone who I considered ‘friend’ simply looking for sympathy. I remember even ranting to a few Facebook friends – sighhhhhh. I was desperate to be understood because my close ones didn’t get it. Truth is, at the end of the any ‘rant session’ my feelings would be downplayed anyway…if not mocked. That would utterly break my heart. It’s a horrible feeling to be accused of ‘exaggeration’ or even being considered crazy by people that I once trusted. 

Today when I look back, I realize that as much as I needed understanding I should’ve avoided oversharing my soul with so many people (that probably didn’t care much), some of which I don’t even speak to at this day and age. 

The problem with explaining too much to the wrong people is the deep disappointment you will probably get when they aren’t able to sympathize with your condition. Again, it’s not a broken leg, they can’t see it. And by not getting the comfort you were envisioning, you may start resenting that person.

I know I used to resent everyone that wouldn’t show empathy upon me opening my broken heart to them. And that resentment would be added on the extensive list of ‘Things to cry asleep to’ and as a depressed individual, the last thing I needed was additional reasons to cry – I had enough of them.Thinking about how X,Y and Z people thought I was lazy and crazy, shattered me even more. 

So that’s why I think….maybe…don’t explain too much. ”I’m not at my best but I’ll get there” seems good enough imho.

Be completely open to with your parents, siblings, close/best friends and your medical doctor.


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Stay strong. It’s going to be okay!

Keep swymming. Speak soon,

Yara Mel