Isn’t it weird that no one seems to get it?

You explain, explain just to get your feelings constantly downplayed. But hey, it’s not their fault they can’t see through your mental state. ”You sound dramatic” ,”You life is perfect, you have nothing to complain about!”, ”You’re just lazy to get out of bed aren’t you?”, ”Some people are dying of cancer, ffs”.

A broken leg would undoubtedly be more understandable. A broken soul? Not so much. One can feel, but no one can see a broken soul. 

Hanging out becomes unbearable because fake laughing gets tiring. Pretending to be in a good mood, excited about whatever…gets tiring.

”How are you?! All good?”

”I’m all good! Thanks! ” – No. No, I’m not. I’m not ‘all good’. I’m not good at all.

                                          I’m bad. I’m dying right here. I need a hug. I need understanding. I need support. 

Bed and bedroom darkness become the prime company of choice. You’re free to cry without having to explain why. 

Because let’s be honest…sometimes even you don’t know the ‘why’. 


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Stay strong. It’s going to be okay!

Keep swymming. Speak soon,

Yara Mel


Image Credits: @fallinginsociety on Instagram